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Daniel is a native to California and was born and raised in Los Angeles.  He is currently a resident of West Covina, CA and has lived in this current home since 2001.  Daniel's passion for real estate started back in 1994 and has grown stronger each year since.


Daniel does not just have experience representing buyers and sellers, but has actively bought and sold over 8 properties himself - with the lastest purchase this year in Pasadena for his own personal residence.  With both his personal residence and rental properties, Daniel has passionately owned and managed his properties always keeping in mind that his personal experience will greatly benefit his clients.


For over 5 years and running, Daniel has ranked in the top 1% of agents Nationwide with his sales volume.  These numerous property closings enable Daniel to bring the most vast experience when negotiating transactions on a client's behalf.  Each deal is different and brings a new perspective and experience which can be effectively utilized on the next transaction.  Very few agents out there can compare to this experience.  With individual property sales from several Million Dollars to $150,000, Daniel understands the nuances that each dollar price ranges requires.


Daniel also loves animals of all kinds.  After his cat passed away in 2005, Daniel acquired a Shiba Inu puppy, mostly as a result of how cute this dog was.  He had no idea how independent and "cat-like" these dogs would be.  He then had to adopt a 2nd Shiba Inu, but this time a female.  As a result, he experienced 6 liters of Shiba puppies.  The female is now fixed, but not after a great experience with her 26 total puppies.  What a bunch!  Daniel also currently has a Koi pond with 3 water turtles.  They all love being fed.


Daniel's eye for detail doesn't stop at just selling real estate.  He has also extensively renovated and decorated each home he has owned.  This brings another perspective for clients whether buying or selling because certain design changes or suggestions can change the mind of a buyer or seller instantly.  It's a different perspective if you are selling vs. buying, so Daniel knows it's important to always point out options to better enhance the real estate outcome. 


Daniel is committed to bringing you the best real estate experience possible.  Whether buying or selling, choose to work with Daniel and you'll see why.


Daniel P. Garcia
Daniel P. Garcia
540 S. LAKE AVE. Pasadena CA 91101
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